PodcastPastor Daniel Mihet speaking on 1 Peter 2: 4 – 10 ‘A pilgrim is on a mission‘ 1. The Captain of the mission (4)  – The living stone, the cornerstone, the capstone and the stumbling stone. 2. The people of Mission (5) – We are the living stones who come to Christ by faith (4) – We are a spiritual house and a holy priesthood (5) – We are the ones who will never be put to shame (6) – We are the ones to whom Jesus is precious (7) – We are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God (9) – We are the people of God who have received his great mercy (10). 3. The purpose of the message (9). 4. The privilege  of the mission (10) on Wednesday 24th February 2016 at the evening prayer meeting.

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