Pastor Daniel Mihet speaking on James 4 verses 1 to 12 ‘James – genuine faith: when your brother disagrees with you!‘ Do you display demonic or heavenly wisdom 3:13-18 Do you prove yourself worldly or godly? 4:1-12  worldly person:-“causes fights”-Is an instigator/divisive; -“Causes quarrels” Is hard to please -“you do not ask” Is prayerless-“get your own pleasure” Is selfish-“Adulterous Is unreliable/uncommitted/promise breaker-“Double minded” Is a divided person- “God opposes the proud” Is arrogant -“speaks against a brother” Is Judgemental A godly person:-“submit yourselves” Is Humble-“resist the devil” Is resisting satan-“draw near to God” Seeks God’s face on 24th June 2015 at the Wednesday Evening Bible Study.

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