PodcastPastor Daniel Mihet speaking on James 1 verses 12 to 18  ‘Genuine faith and the temptations of life’ v.12: A blessing with a reward What is temptation? V13 Why would James be keen to point out to us that God doesn’t tempt us? Why then God allows temptation? v14-15 How does temptation work?     

First stage: a) LUST (desires, NKJV) – a strong desire for something b) ENTICEMENT – an opportunity and encouragement to satisfy Temptation = Desire + Opportunity

Second stage in the development of sin is SIN ITSELF (15) –Temptation leads to sin only when you yield and ACT upon it – Sin therefore requires the added step of ACTION

Sin = Desire + Opportunity + Action

The final stage is the consequence of sin: DEATH (15) –This refers to spiritual separation from God, which is the “wages of sin” – Ro 6:23 –Ultimately such “death” involves eternal punishment – Rev. 21:8

Desire + Opportunity + Action + unrepentant heart = Punishment!

Implications of falling into temptation: –Loss of first love, Isolation + Depression –Addiction –Health alteration

Guarding against it:

  • Be radical: Paul to Timothy: “Run” to Titus: “Say No!”
  • Stop spending time with a certain person or group of people
  • End a relationship that is leading you to sin
  • Install filtering software on your computer
  • Throw away catalogues/dvds without looking at them
  • Walk out of a conversation, movie, or even a job that isn’t honouring to God
  • Turn off the TV
  • Cut back on some of your activities so you have time for the things of God
  • Let Christ live in you

 on 6th May 2015 at the Wednesday Evening Bible Study.

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