How to Give Online to Bethany Evangelical Church

Please choose from the “funds” below to direct your gift. You’ll have the choice of giving by card, bank transfer, cash or cheque.

To leave the use of your gift to the discretion of the church leadership, please use the “General” fund. Thank you!

  1. General

    General donations support the ongoing ministries and maintenance of Bethany Evangelical Church, Dumfries

  2. Missions – Bethany Christian Trust

    Donations support the ongoing ministries of selected Missions and Missionaries. Monthly focus Mission or Missionary is named in the title above.

Faithful in Giving While We’re not meeting?

Faithful people find a way to remain faithful.

In these challenging times, that needs to include finding a way to remain faithful in our giving responsibility to the Lord and our church. That way, our church’s mission will thrive and not suffer.

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