Faithful in Giving While We're Not Meeting?

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Our church’s worship services may have been cancelled, but our church’s ongoing mission and ministry continues.

A truth we all need to recognise!

These Challenging Days...

Of course in these challenging days, at Bethany, like many other churches, we’ve created an online channel for our weekly Services instead of meeting in person. 

Our Church members’ faithful, weekly giving makes it possible for us to continue to fulfil the ongoing mission of Jesus for our church in our community and further afield.

Remain Faithful?

But how can we as members remain faithful in our giving responsibility and continue to invest in and fund the continued mission and ministry of our church?

Giving by Standing Order?

For those of us who give through standing orders with our bank, it may mean no change… We can continue as we were – as long as our personal income has not been affected by the impact of the pandemic. This method does not cost the church or the giver any additional fee.

Giving in Offering Bag?

But some of us have given weekly through the offering bag, perhaps to supplement our standing order, as funds allowed. But while we’re not meeting together, the opportunity for this aspect of worship had vanished!

Not any more!

As the church services and groups have gone online, so can our giving…

We’ve made this very easy on our website for all who wish to give online:

Now Giving Online By...

  • Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash or Cheque

Visit Our Giving Page

For more information on giving at Bethany Evangelical Church, Dumfries click or tap the button below.

Faithful in Giving While We’re not meeting?

Faithful people find a way to remain faithful.

In these challenging times, that needs to include finding a way to remain faithful in our giving responsibility to the Lord and our church. That way, our church’s mission will thrive and not suffer.

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