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What Does Jesus Tell Us?

9 October 2016
Jesus shows us: His ultimate authority to teach. His drastic repulsion to sin. His efficient weapon against our enemies His supernatural power to transform lives
Jesus the Word, the Light and the Life of God. Matthew to the Jews: Jesus the Lion/King of Judah. Mark to the Romans: Jesus the Servant. Luke to the Greeks: Jesus…
Visiting speaker Brian Lowrie preaching on ‘Perseverance-Earnest in Prayer’

Jesus and the Law

25 September 2016
Jesus and the Law Pastor Daniel Mihet preaching on Matthew 5 verses 17 to 48 He came to fulfil it. He came to endorse it. He came to make it…


21 September 2016
'BUT...' Pastor Daniel Mihet teaching on 2 Peter 3 verses 8 to 18 - The Lord is merciful (8,9). The Lord will purge this world (10-12). What are the main…

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